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Our Strategies to Keep You Safe and Healthy During Covid-19

UPDATE | 20th September 2021

As of today, 20th September 2021, Radventures Canada is participating in the Restrictions Exemption Program as announced by the Alberta government.

In line with the Restrictions Exemption Program, all our guests, staff & contractors will be required to provide one of the following:

– Proof of full vaccination (two doses); or
– Proof of a privately-paid negative PCR or rapid test within 72 hours of service (tests from AHS or Alberta Precision Laboratories not allowed); or
– Documentation of a medical exemption.

All guests aged 18 years and older must provide personal ID issued by an institution or public body, that shows the name of the holder and date of birth.

The wearing of face masks remains mandatory for all guests aged 2 years and older and our guides whilst in our vehicles.

Full details of the Restrictions Exemption Program, including accepted vaccinations, is available on the Alberta Government website.

The comfort and safety of our guests still remains our number 1 priority, therefore regardless of public health measures in place we will still be maintaining our commitment to keeping guests safe by regular sanitizing of our property and vehicles before, during and after tours. There may be rare occasions where in close quarters we may request masks be worn for short periods of time, but at anytime we are outside enjoying the mountains (more often than not) you will absolutely be able to put your mask away.

For tours, trips & any Radventures services entering or taking place the province of British Columbia, Radventures will be adhering to any restrictions and implementing any recommendations under the Public Health Act.

For further information on COVID-19 restrictions in B.C, please visit the B.C Government website.

Any questions or concerns regarding our processes for handling COVID-19 can be directed to us via email.


2020 was a year like no other and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented numerous challenges for adventure travellers and companies. Unfortunately as we’ve rolled into 2021, these challenges still exist but there is no better way to look after yourself than by getting outside and exploring whilst remembering there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We understand that this has been a tough time for everyone and it’s our aim to support our guests with empathy and responsibility. The comfort and safety of our guests, staff and those around us remains our number one priority, so please be rest assured that we are following all the Alberta Health Services recommendations and standards to ensure that hygiene and sanitation is emphasized.

Fortunately, social distancing is what we do best! With so much wild open space, it’s natural to have all the distance you need to ensure your safety.  

We’ve always believed in small groups for the best experience, and now the most safety as well.  Our maximum group size is 8 guests with 1 guide.  

Because our adventures take place in such wide open spaces, we are lucky to feature the best in social distancing. 

We are working to ensure everything you come in contact with is super clean during your tour.  Our vans are sanitized every morning and evening, as well as during rest stops. All our equipment, including SUPs and rental gear is also sanitized each morning and evening it is in use.

During your tour we will be helping to make it easy for you to keep germs at bay and do your part.  While most of our tours are outside in wide open wilderness spaces, you won’t have to wear a mask during the majority of your tour. 

Guests must wear a mask at all times whilst travelling in vehicles and any other time that 2m social distance can’t be maintained, or at the request of the trip leader. Once outside in the clean fresh mountain air, masks may be removed.

Guests will be required to sanitize their hands before entering the vehicles and we welcome you to do it again upon exiting, if you wish.

Where possible, guests on multi-day tours will only be placed with those in their travelling cohort. For solo guests, every effort will be made to place the guest in either a private or low occupancy room.

Before your tour or experience with Radventures, we may reach out to you with a COVID-19 screening questionnaire.  The purpose of this questionnaire is to check in and see if you are feeling or showing any signs of COVID-19. The accurate and truthful completion of this questionnaire is mandatory and failure or refusal to complete it may result in your booking being cancelled with no refund.

If you are feeling unwell, we strongly encourage you to see a doctor and get tested ASAP. Rest assured, if you have a positive COVID-19 test within the no cancellation period before your booking, we will work with you to re-book you on another tour in the future, with no penalty.  In the days leading up to your trip we ask you to monitor your health, and be cautious in your travel to get to your tour/trip.  

We are taking very significant precautions to ensure your safety during travel in our vehicles.  Your guide will be sanitizing every surface in the vehicle each morning, before use, during rest stops and after use each day. You may be assigned a seat for each day to reduce any cross contamination.  When possible, we will open the windows in the vehicle to ensure lots of fresh air.  

Our guides are highly trained in first aid and carry extensive first aid kits on your tour.  Please let them know if you are feeling unwell during your adventure and they will assist you.  If you are in need of further help they will help you access medical attention. Radventures stands behind our guides and they have our full support during your tour. 

We have everyone’s contact information noted down and encourage you to keep in touch with us after your tour.  If you develop symptoms or test positive after your tour we ask you to communicate this with us.  If we receive information that someone on your tour has developed COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive, we will immediately reach out to everyone who came in contact with that person.

In summary, Radventures will:

Ask guests and staff to monitor their own health, display appropriate signage on COVID-19 symptoms, educate staff on how to identify COVID-19 symptoms and describe COVID-19 symptoms in group meetings.

Facilitate the removal of guests or staff who show symptoms of COVID-19 and are either unable to or unwilling to be tested, Radventures reserves the right to remove them from our tours to prevent any risk to others.

Where possible, we will strive to keep tour participant numbers as low as reasonably possible. We will favour small groups tours with a maximum of 6 guests.

Physical distancing will be practiced as much as practically possible during our tours. Our tour leaders will promote the shared responsibility for distancing.

We will implement the use of face coverings when in situations of higher risk of virus transmission. Examples include: when using transportation, during close-proximity instruction, in lines, lifts or gondolas, on crowded slopes where distancing is difficult to maintain, and when taking a break from the elements in heated areas where people congregate.

Prepare for interaction with people external to your group which might not know, or be following, the same health and safety standards that we require of our guests.

Provide ample access to sanitizer. We ask that guests sanitize hands when entering any building or congregating, before starting an activity, and as often as needed throughout the activity.

For further information regarding our COVID-19 policies please get in touch at [email protected]