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Electric Fat Biking Banff Adventure

Unleash the thrills of electric fat biking on Banff's best trails!

Quick Details

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Our E-Fat Biking experience promises raw excitement, paired with the unmatched beauty of the Canadian Rockies


Dazzling Sceneries: Journey through Banff’s enchanting trails, from majestic mountains and peaceful forests to the serene riverside paths.

Iconic and Hidden Spots: Glide on electric fat bikes to Banff’s iconic landmarks, and cherish moments with photo stops at both renowned and secret locales.

Enriching Local Insights: Benefit from our guides’ deep knowledge, combining the thrill of the ride with enlightening stories of the region.

A Special Retreat: Unveil a secret viewpoint, where you’ll enjoy complimentary hot drinks amidst unrivalled panoramic views of Banff’s beauty.

Discover a New Adventure: Dive into Banff’s fastest-growing winter sport! No prior e-biking experience needed – if you can ride a bike, you’re ready for this electrifying escapade.